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Nationwide IT Services Company Plans to Accelerate Growth and Expand IT Services Expertise

Computex Technology Solutions

As Computex Technology Solutions, Haffar plans to expand the company’s IT services footprint, enhance the customer experience and build upon the success of Stratos’ 2012 acquisitions of Houston-based Computex and Minneapolis-based Nexus Information Systems.

“Together under one brand we are able to quickly differentiate the business value and technology expertise we deliver to our clients,” says Haffar, who brings more than 27 years of IT solution provider experience to the table as the co-founder and CEO of Computex.

Computex Technology Solutions also announced its senior executive leadership team. Members include Jason Haffar, co-founder of Computex, who is now the executive vice president and chief operating officer; Ken Brown, co-founder of Stratos, who is now the executive vice president and chief strategy officer; and John Schilsky, also from Stratos, who is continuing his role as chief financial officer for the IT services SP 500 powerhouse.

“It’s a great time to be in this business,” says Haffar. “I am excited to lead Computex Technology Solutions and enable our clients to use technology to transform their businesses.”

With annual revenues exceeding $130 million, Computex Technology Solutions is one of the top 150 solution providers in the U.S. The company’s strong technical talent and infrastructure includes more than 50 solution architects, two integration facilities, an advanced network operations center and premier certifications with many of the world’s largest technology manufacturers and distributors.

About Computex Technology Solutions
Computex Technology Solutions is an industry-leading national IT solution provider focused on helping customers transform their businesses through technology. The company employs a talented and diverse team of trained and specialized solution architects to create high-performance IT infrastructure solutions. From architecture design to implementation, the company’s core expertise is in virtual infrastructure, cloud computing, business continuity, data storage management, networking, client computing and managed IT services. With offices in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas, Computex Technology Solutions is an award-winning IT service organization recognized on a national level for its success and service excellence.

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